Sunday, October 10, 2010


i suppose this is where i say hello.  so, hello!  welcome to geaux1014, my attempt at blogging.  i'm glad you stopped by.  honestly, i just hope someone stops by.  if you knew me, you'd wonder why in the world would anyone with so little spare time commit to blogging (i have four kids, i'm just sayin').  if you're my high school English teacher, i'm certain you're wondering why in the world is HE blogging!  sorry, mrs. white.  regardless it's a very good question.  for some time now, i've felt as though i was being called into some sort of ministry, yet not knowing what.  i love children and i love hanging out with children.  children's ministry?  no.  i love students and hanging out with students.  student ministry? no.  church planter?  no.  the interesting thing is, that God has a great sense of humor.  like when He blessed my wife and i with our fourth child.  i was forty years old and we thought we were through building our family.  instead, we find out we're having another baby, a boy, our third BOY!  i think He enjoys a good laugh every now and then, so He just sits back and watches two "older" parents try to keep up with an almost three year old.  i have one word, EXHAUSTING!  honestly, we have been blessed with an incredible little boy who brings so much joy to our family.  

while i wrestled with "my calling" God was working things out just as planned.  He does that you know.  we, as humans, are never satisfied and are continually searching for what we want to be when we grow up.  in the process of doing so, i have learned how unprepared i was.  how can i be used when i have some growing up to do first.  and that's just where i am.  over the past year, i have come to realize that my understanding of who Christ is and what i was created to be was so far from what i believed.  and in the process, He is showing me that He has me right where He wants me.  my ministry is right here in the "here and now".  wherever i am.  with whomever.  that's where He wants me sharing the truth and His love.  i have the wonderful privilege of sharing with a group of young men each Sunday.  i also have the privilege of sharing with a group of kids in a low income, inner city apartment complex each Monday.  or maybe, hanging out in worship with students on Wednesday's.  so, this brings us to the answer of why i'm attempting this blog thing.  my prayer is that God might lay something on my heart that's relevant to you, my reader.  whether you're a child, a student, a mother, a father, a grandparent, single, married, divorced, young, old, good looking or not so good looking.  i hope that the words that i type might be an encouragement to you or provoke thought that may draw you closer to our Creator.  

so, welcome.  make yourself at home.  i encourage you to read the page on my blog entitled "about geaux1014".  strange name, i know.  but this page will help to explain it.  i also encourage you to visit the page "about you".  that's right, YOU.  i hope to begin a wall of prayer requests for you, my readers, here.  also, i encourage you to share this blog with your friends.  why?  because i want to get to know each one of you.

So, see, God does have a sense of humor.  He wants me to connect with you through this blog.  see you soon.